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HOLSHIP was founded in 1967 under the name Holbæk Shipping & Spedition. The main focus was stevedoring and road freight. Seven years later Kent Ranners began his shipping agent career in the company. His focus was to expand the truck service business area.
In 1985 Kent Ranners took over the company and paved the way for an international approach to the market situation. The following years proved to be vital for the development of the international air and sea freight service. Soon the name HOLSHIP was announced.
‘Global transport – local service’ is the motto for the re-named company. In 1994 a new era began with offices in the UK, Norway, Sweden and Finland and with the development of complementary services like warehousing and other third-party
logistics solutions.

Holbæk Shipping & Spedition was established.
Stevedoring and truck service was the main part of the business.
1976 Kent Ranners started in Holbæk Shipping & Spedition
1985 Kent Ranners took over Holbæk Shipping & Spedition.
An international name is essential now, while trading with the US and the Far East is growing rapidly. Therefore Holbæk Shipping & Spedition changes the name to HOLSHIP.
1994 HOLSHIP UK was established in order to provide truck service between Denmark and England.
1996 HOLSHIP Norge was established.
1999 HOLSHIP Sverige was established.
2000 C.R. HOLSHIP was established in Køge as a result of the fusion of CR Shipping and HOLSHIP
HOLSHIP Finland was established and situated in Helsinki Airport.
2005   The HOLSHIP Group wants to focus on the Skandinavian market and closes down HOLSHIP UK.

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We offer you road, sea and air freight services to and from all the world’s destinations. We are based in the Scandinavian countries and have a worldwide network of agents.

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